12 Steps to Success

Author: Gabor Buzsáki. Translated by Krisztina Domokos and Thom Poole

This is one of the easiest-to-access and working "recipes" to make realising your dreams a child's play.

Cover of 12 Steps to SuccessThe easy-to-apply techniques and practical methods in the book allow you to...

  • achieve everything you want.
  • keep what you have already acquired.
  • get the most out of yourself without any effort.
  • implement your plans step by step...
  • and say goodbye forever to your habits that only hinder you.

Make your dreams come true in 12 steps!

ONLY 12 steps?

Do 12 steps seem like a lot? Or few?

12 steps, because realising your dreams is the most serious thing in your life, you can’t “cross the chasm in one leap”, as they say.

The 12 steps is actually about dividing your “HUGE elephant-sized mission” into smaller bites to make it more accomplishable, more achievable - since you wouldn’t eat an elephant whole, but rather, in bite-sized pieces, right?

Don't hesitate!

You need this book if you don't always want to invent and execute everything all by yourself! The book will be your companion on the most important path to your desires!

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