If you’re not the lucky one,
The Book of JUPITER cover
Who only had a hard time being born,
Then it’s worth getting to know him…

Please note, this book is coming soon

Many believe that they can be successful with diligence and perseverance, and luck is not necessary for it. This is not true! Because perseverance and diligence also require opportunities, which however not everyone gets. Before you despair…

The situation is not at all without hope, because with the help of a few simple and instantly usable “courting techniques”, can conquer Jupiter’s heart even if you had a hard time (not only being born)…

This book helps you get the planet that everyone prays to, on your side.

In the first part, I am going to prove why our requests addressed to God are delivered to him. Or our desires when we ask God to help us now, for once, to give us one last time what he has given before. In the process — among many other things, we are going to look at why there is no justice in the world and why we cannot be equal. Accepting the somewhat mystical line of thought associated with this will make your life easier.

In the second part - using techniques that are easy for anyone to learn and use, I will show you how to conquer the heart of Jupiter and set the luck that many can only hope for by your side.