Lunar Lore Business book coverThe Moon is the ever-present ‘companion’ to the Earth, as it has been for millennia. In this time, humans have used it to read the effects of nature and of their own actions. Using the backdrop of the celestial calendar - the zodiac constellations - they built a comprehensive knowledge base for many aspects of their lives. This knowledge was on the cusp of being lost, but for a few areas in the world. It has now been compiled for the first time to help business leaders harness the power that the Moon can bring. The book is not an astrology book, it is a book of practical advice against nature’s traditional calendar.

In this workbook, Thom Poole has included over 20 years of research, interviews and observations to help the reader make the most of the power of the different phases of the Moon.

This book is the first in a series that will include nutrition and dieting; health and beauty; gardening and agriculture; household and everyday life.

The Kindle version fo the books is due soon.

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